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Because of the swift evolution of modern technologies, businesses are doing the best they can to stay in the race. Having a successful digital marketing strategy today is a matter of sink or swim. It makes all the difference in order for a business to succeed or to fail.

Even if your website is gaining a lot of traffic, it doesn’t mean anything to your business if those visitors aren’t converting to customers. Digital marketing methods and tools provide businesses the best chances to survive, compete and grow.

Web Videos

When you think of advertising, depending on your generation, you’ll either think of traditional advertising on the television or the advertising seen on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. The thread that holds advertising on television and the world of digital marketing together is that they both rely heavily on the use of video content. When you think about it, it’s easy to see why online video advertising is around 600% more successful than other forms of digital marketing. The video format makes advertising easier to digest and intrinsically shareable.

In these days of media saturation, people don’t have time for content that isn’t engaging. Video advertising is easy to take in and is usually more engaging. Take YouTube for example; with over one billion users, it’s clear to see that video content currently rules supreme.

Due to its imminently shareable nature, video advertising is the perfect way to increase brand awareness for your business. If you put a video on Facebook and someone likes what they see and shares it, your brand has just been advertised to potentially thousands of people. Brand awareness is key when making sales.

Around 50% of video content is consumed via a mobile device. Ensuring that your videos use a ratio that’s optimised for mobile devices is vital to ensure that your message is delivered properly.


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