Business Center

At our business center, we take care of most of your office day to day needs, including but not limited to, document lamination, hot and cold scanning, typing/typesetting, photocopy, project research and typing, proof reading and general printing. We also have a fast passport photograph service (5mins max.)

Document Lamination

Laminating preserves printed pieces for years to come. The lamination acts as a barrier against dirt and spills, and the glossy finish adds a superior look to any printed piece. Lamination should be considered for any prints that will be repeatedly handled, or displayed and stored in high traffic areas.

Hot and Cold Scanning

We understand that your documents are vital to your business. As a result, we complete a comprehensive assessment that determines the scope of your document imaging project, evaluates the condition of your records, verifies which files to image, and analyzes your document management needs. Then we use the latest software and high-speed scanners to convert your documents to electronic files. Our screened scanning technicians handle all phases of your document conversion project.

Typing (Typesetting)

We engage in fast and accurate typing of all your documents and official papers, including school projects and term papers.

Photocopy and Project Research

As the name implies, we can do all sorts of monochrome and colour photocpies of all original documents and also do an extensive research and analysis for your new projects.


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